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Columbia City / Rainier Valley

I read that the Rainier Valley was the most culturally diverse region in the country. Being that I live here, it would be tough to argue otherwise. That diversity provides for challenges, but it also provides some of the most interesting food in Seattle. The bars in the Rainier Valley range from elitist to down right scary. You can get to Columbia City on the Light Rail, so you can avoid the jail time on the drive home.

Roys BBQ Roys BBQ 2

Roy’s BBQ

4903 1/2 Rainier Ave S.

Seattle, WA 98118


Tiny, hole in the wall BBQ that only get mentioned in the dive bars because they have $1.50 PBR, all day, every day.  This place is about 6 feet wide and has all the charm the Zoo Tavern does, the walls are covered with stuff, really cool junky stuff. I get the fish tacos and man are they tasty. I have it on good word that the Roybuen is also great. the prices are down right cheap when compared to Jones BBQ and the food is better. If your are doing a Columbia City Pub Crawl, check out Roy’s, you won’t be sorry. Don’t be drinking all the PBR..   TR

Columbia City Alehouse

4914 Rainier Ave S.

Seattle, WA 98118


Several years ago I didn’t have a kitchen, or heat for that matter, so I ate out every night of the week for almost 18 months. Finally a toaster oven and a Ronco Pizza oven came into my life and I was able to eat back at the shack. I have eaten at the Columbia City Alehouse over 150 times. Quite frankly I have had enough of it for this lifetime.  I digress.

The Alehouse is an expensive pub, its is not a dive. Beers are $5.00 with no “blue collars” on tap, but they do pour a nice Guinness. No liquor, just beer. 

The menu hasn’t changed much in the past 6 years, but they do have 3 items that rotate with the mood of the cooks. On the rotating menu is an Oyster Club sandwich, its damn good. Also, the Tuna Melt is a solid choice and it is on the everyday menu.

The service is generally good. The catch  here is that they seem to under staff the bar. The servers hustle their asses off, but sometimes they just seem overwhelmed at peak times.

The Alehouse was one of the anchor businesses that helped Columbia City revitalize and I am grateful for that. However, it is too expensive to be my daily hangout. When I get an itch for a nice Guinness, there is no better pour in Seattle.   TR RGC



CC Alehouse
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