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This area is populated by the upper middle class. Lots of families with pets and SUVs. These dive bars let their neighbors escape back to a simpler time.

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Duck Island Ale House

7317 Aurora Ave N.

Seattle, WA 98103



This place is a dive. 24 beers on tap and a full bar. They are 3000 miles from New York, and they had 16 oz cans of Genesee, it warmed my heart as I was bottle fed Genesee when I was a baby. (Not sure if they have it all the time, it was their monthly beer special.)   The bartender was funny and attentive.  We found a dollar in one of the pinball machines which made it extra special.  They have 2 food menus, one that gets them a liquor license, $25 microwaved Swanson dinners , and one that is delivered from their neighbor, none only than the legendary Beth’s Cafe. That means you can have a 12 egg omelet with your Genesee. Don’t forget to check out the Kangaroo and Kiwi Pub right next door. 


Duck Island (4)
Duck Island (3)
Duck Island (1)


1012 NE 65th St

Seattle, WA 98115





Teddy’s is all right... It is a dive, it is a neighborhood hang out, it is pretty clean; not especially cheap, nor expensive. Teddy’s just seemed average in every regard. I got the feeling the regulars felt very at home, which should make the owners proud.

A couple pool tables and a full bar will keep you entertained. The barkeep was “Johnnie on the spot” with the beers, so that’s good. I just had the vibe that Teddy’s lacked history, it didn’t have the years of grime and smoke soaked in, it didn’t have stories in its bones. If Teddy’s were in my neighborhood, I am sure one of the bar stools would have my ass dent in it, but its not. I imagine Teddy’s will get a huge boost years from now as they are neighbors to the new light rail station. It will be cool for the riders to pop out from the tunnel and grab a “swifty” before heading back to their shacks. It is right around the corner to the Atlantic Crossing.

Teddys 2

The Atlantic Crossing

6508 Roosevelt Way NE

Seattle, WA 98115


The Atlantic crossing is at 65th and Roosevelt, wedged between the U District, Greenlake and Maple Leaf. Its more of a pub than a dive bar, stocking a full bar and a full menu.

Great atmosphere and a very attentive and cute bartender. A handful of TV screens and a pool table add to the entertainment. Beers were reasonable, but what I would consider normal pricing. They do have PBR on tap, which get an automatic 5 points from me. I ordered food on this trip, starting with an appetizer called chef’s choice. Turned out to be a French bread pizza, it was quite good. I also ordered a burger and onion rings, but that is where the disappointment began. They were fresh cut and battered rings, but the onion was under cooked and batter mushy and tasted like crap. The burger had some garlic powder or other spice in it and I did not like it. I am a bit of a purist, believing that burgers should have only salt and pepper. 

The food really wrecked it for me. When I looked at the menu a second time I realized how many dishes one chef was trying to pull off, my advice would be to cut the menu by a third. Focus on a few really good dishes and ditch the rest.

 If I go back, I won’t eat, but just enjoy the atmosphere and the great and friendly service.


Atlantic Crossing

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