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Cooking tools can be expensive and a pain in the ass to care for, but they can in fact save you time, money and help you cook better. Below we will point out the kitchen, bbq and grilling tools that we have seen work well.

Vacuum Sealer

Foodsaver 2

Being that I am a lonely loser, a.k.a. single, I end up hosting Steak Night most of the time. I honestly enjoy it and it comes with the added benefit that I can drink myself into a stupor and not worry about driving home.

Planning for which of my douche bag friends will show up on any given Steak Night is difficult, so I end up preparing for more guests than generally show up. The vacuum sealer lets me go into it knowing I can preserve the left overs and not be too worried about cooking too much. It also lets me hand off some of the left overs to my friends and not loose Tupperware.

I bought my vacuum sealer at Sears for about $120.00. It is the “Foodsaver” brand. I think they have the lion’s share of the retail market.  It has more than paid for itself in food savings in addition to its entertainment value. ( everybody likes to see it crush cans.) I have been using it for about 2 years now and I think it is getting tired, but for that price I can’t complain.

Foodsaver 3