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I like to think I have a pretty good pallet, my buddy RGC refers to this as “palate”, must be the french spelling, fags...   Who am I kidding? Me and my pallet belong in a dive bar with a PBR or well bourbon in hand. I do, however, like wine very much and will do my best to lead you to some good finds, somehow...

There are allot of good $50-100 bottles of wine, but for most of us, that is a bit impractical. Our goal in writing these reviews is to find “daily drinkers” that can be had for under $15.00 a bottle. Our ultimate goal is to find “special occasion wine” in that range as well. Besides, even if I would afford a $50.00 bottle of wine every night, where is the sport in that?

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Whether you are just getting started in wine, or you are a full fledged wino, here are some thoughts and rants from our highly functioning, blade carrying, neighborhood alchoholic, RGC.


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It maybe a a bit cliché to score the wine, but I do not know a better way. It will be simply based on our own enjoyment of the wine, 1 to 100. Ratings are useless unless you agree with the tasters palate. Try some of our favorites, if you agree, its likely you will like our other tastes are similar and hopefully you can rely on our reviews and assist you in selecting your own wine.

TR will net you a basic redneck review, but hopefully will lead you to good wine just the same. .

RGC will be a more sophisticated and thoughtful review.  Click here to read all RGC wine reviews.


1. If your supermarket or wine shop has a “wine guy”, get to know him/her. You will likely find they are far more approachable than you think. “Wine guys” are constantly courted by wine makers and distributors, they are your inside track to better wine at better prices than are on the shelves. My “wine guy” is constantly buying off vintages of highly rated wines at great discounted prices. Many of these wines turn out to be as good as the “well reviewed” vintage at half the price.