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Everyday it’s Steak night for someone, for me it is Thursday, as sure as death and taxes, I am going to have a steak on Thursday. 

When I was younger, the only thing that went into steak selection was color and price. If it was big, red and cheap, it was a candidate for the grill. Part of this selection process was due to financial necessity and the fact I was often broke, but most of it was due to ignorance. Well, years have passed and I am still broke, but my understanding of a good steak has changed; decidedly inconvenient...

Steak night is not about a bunch of “discerning fellows” that get together with other “discerning fellows”.  Steak night is about friends, from all walks of life, being able sit down and enjoy a meal; it is about cooking food with them and enjoying the fact they enjoy it.  It is about taking your head out of your ass for an evening, laughing at and  appreciating those around us, because “No”, we do not get to live forever.  

What I hope the contributors to this site bring to you, no matter what steak night means to you, is the knowledge of where to find good steaks; be it in a restaurant, from a butcher, on the Internet or from your super market. We will also show how to prepare a good steak, what might accompany it, and what wine or beer might wash it down. We want to push the limits in cooking, rule out the crap, label the mediocre and proclaim the winners; be they, chefs, ranchers, brewers, distillers, vintners,  bartenders or restauranteurs.

We also don’t eat steak every night of the week, so hopefully you will find our Seattle Dive Bar reviews useful.

The most valuable knowledge is knowing you don’t know everything. As such, we are always looking for contributors, so if you have something to add, please let us know.

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.”