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Beer is like baseball and football, its a common thread that lets the rich, the poor, the old, the young meet on common ground. When I was a kid my Dad would go down to Ronnie Williamson’s store and drink beer in the back with people from all walks of life. There was a bank VP, there were mechanics, mill workers, a lawyer, a Hollywood producer; all rubbing elbows shooting the shit. Some were in their 20’s, some were in their 50’s. The beer was the common thread that wove together a very diverse group, or maybe it was alcoholism, but it doesn’t matter.

The greatest compliment that I received in my life was that I had friends from many walks of life. The moment that it was said, I kinda thought it was an insult, but later realized that it was a very nice thing. Like my Dad, many of my friendships spanned across the social classes and age groups and like him, beer was the catalyst.

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The brewing industry has gone through remarkable changes over the past 30 years.