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Cabernet Sauvignon

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Artesa 2008 Cab

I can’t remember...  11/2010 by:TR

update: 2006 Artesa Napa Cabernet 88 points. I wasn’t impressed when I first opened it, but I had a glass the next morning with my omelet and it had opened up. So Let breath a while. I paid $20.00, felt like it was worth 14.00, pretty label though.


Parkers Estate 2009 -Cabernet Sauvignon 80 points    12/2010

This was a $13.00 bottle of wine that I thought was horrible. It reminded me of a Pinot and I hate Pinots. I would not buy this again.  by:TR


2006 Dry Creek- Cabernet Sauvignon 91 points      12/2010

I really liked this wine. Its was a bit outside of my daily drinker price range at $21.00, but it was a nice full Cab with lots of flavors. Its not an incredibly special bottle, but it makes for a nice change up. I felt this was a $21.00 bottle of wine. by:TR


2008 Columbia Crest- H3 Cabernet Sauvignon. 90 points   11/2010

This is one of my daily drinkers. At $9-12 bottle, its seems like a great value. Its not an intense Cab, but its something I like to drink Sunday through Thursday.  Tastes like a 15.00 bottle of wine. by:TR