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This area is populated by college kids, pretty obvious. My college years are long since behind me and generally is my patience for drinking with rambunctious kids. With that stated, if you are an early afternoon drinker, a happy hour drinker; these bars are very tolerable and generally have great prices. 

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The Knarr Shipwreck Lounge

5633 University Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105


The Knarr is an unmistakable dive at the North end of University Avenue in the U-District. Not too sure what the theme was supposed to be here, but “shipwreck” is a good description. The place was reasonably well maintained, by dive bar standards.

What wasn’t very well maintained were the customers. I got the feeling there was a meth clinic nearby that was closed for the day. A woman stumbled in and needed to lean up against me for balance while she ordered her drink; she kept asking her boyfriends where her pipe was? She then asked the bar who wanted to have sex? Being a man with questionable morals and a poor decision making process, this would have seemed like a dream come true, but I buttoned it. Must be the boyfriends’ train hadn’t gotten the job done. .

The bartender was “as friendly as a bear cub in the winter”, but he has been dealing with these knuckle heads for years, I assumed he’s a bit burned out.

No food to notice, full bar and 6 taps. No blue collar beer, couple of pool tables, darts and video games. .

Conclusion: If you are somebody that wants to scratch off all of the scary / intimidating dives, you have better stop here on the way to the Blue Moon

Knarr (1)
Knarr (2)

The Monkey Pub

5305 Roosevelt Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98105


Monkey Pub (1)

The Monkey Pub is right next to Chicago Pizza and across from Dantes. Its a dingy place, but you can sense the character just from looking at the sign.

Monkey Pub (2)

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