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This area is populated by the upper middle class. Lots of families with pets and SUVs. These dive bars let their neighbors escape back to a simpler time.

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Lenys Tavern 1

Leny’s Tavern-

2219 N 56th St.

Seattle, WA 98103


Leny’s is awesome. It is a true neighborhood bar, hiding in a weird little area of Greenlake called Tangletown. It’s unique because it almost doesn’t match the Greenlake, yuppie image. They don’t have happy hour, but the prices are fair all the time. About 6 TVs, 2 pool tables, 2 dart boards and a couple video games will keep you entertained. Surprisingly, they take their food there pretty seriously, its not just for them to get a liquor license.  Burgers dominate the menu, with several salads and sandwiches to cover our grass fed friends.(They have deep fried TATER TOTS!!!)  I believe the kitchen is run by the same people that run Bad Albert’s, down in Ballard.

The bartender, was welcoming and engaging. Most importantly, there was freshly cut fruit and she never let our drinks get dry.  by:TR SH

Pacific Inn outside

The Pacific Inn-

3501 Stone Way North

Seattle, WA 98103


a.k.a.- PI or the Pac Inn

The Pacific Inn is a dive bar, no mistaking that. Its a fun place that can be a little rough around the edges. The people in there were front line drunks. They take their food seriously, providing a monster BLT, and decent Fish and Chips to us during our visit. The bartender/server was polite but serious, I sensed she has she has been dealing with rowdy drunks for a long time. The place doesn’t feel exceptionally clean, but it was its not a total pit. There is one pool table in the back. They have a full bar, but its not the deepest selection. Pricing seemed fair especially considering the food was solid. By:TR

pacific inn inside

latona pub outside
latona pub inside

The Latona Pub

6423 Latona Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98115


This is not a dive bar. It’s more of a gastro pub, they take their food very seriously. Its is located in Greenlake so it suits the yuppie neighborhood. I had a salad, because I am getting fat from drinking so much. It was good, but didn’t impress me for $15.00. They have a decent beer selection, but no PBR or anything close. ( All Micros.) This probably wouldn’t be my hang out if I lived in Greenlake, but it suits the generally affluent neighbors and lets them feel like they are going to a “bar”.  In reality, there were no drunks propped up at the bar, no regulars that camp out all afternoon, just people whizzing in and out to grab a bite to eat and some suds. They have no TV’s or distractions, so bring your own entertainment.

The Wedgewood Alehouse

8515 35th Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98115


The Wedgewood Alehouse is a little north of U Village and east a dozen blocks.

The Wedgewood is a dive, but not in the traditional sense. This place reminds me a bit of the Latona Pub, a bit of Smarty Pants, but it is way better. This place cranks out solid  food, day after day, night after night, but doesn’t lack sincere character like the aforementioned. You will find guys propped up at the bar the whole day here and there is clearly a sense of community around the horseshoe shaped bar. While the Latona admittedly has good food, it’s expensive and it is a “get’m in, get’m out” kinda place. The Wedgewood Alehouse is a destination, not a stop over.

The service here is top notch, there is a swarm of servers that seem to team up on the customers to ensure the drinks are wet and the food is hot.

Wedgewood Alehouse (3)

The chicken wings are tasty, but a bit expensive; they arrived in a heaping basket and had a very traditional sauce. (Maybe butter and Franks Red Hot Sauce.)

All of the burgers and sandwiches are above average. The only thing I have had here that has missed the target fairly regularly is the London Broil. ( but it is the healthiest thing on the menu.)

12 beers on tap, but only Rainier represents the blue collar brands; full bar as well. Three TVs and a dart board provide the only obvious entertainment.

Definitely roll through this top 20 dive. Its not the cheapest, but it is a homey neighborhood dive that provides good service and hosts many characters, from many walks of life. 

Wedgewood Alehouse (2)

Pies and Pints (3)
Pies and Pints (2)
Pies and Pints (1)

Pies and Pints

1215 NE 65th,

Seattle, WA 98115


Pies and Pints is right on 65th at the intersection of 12th, it’s a restaurant / dive bar combo. Up front there is a eatery specializing in pot pies, not my favorite, but...

In back, there is decent little bar, several tables and a pool table. This is a nice quiet hideaway with reasonable prices. The bar is fully stocked and 6 beers, including Pabst on tap. They


What sucked at Pies and Pints was the bar service. I stood at the bar for 5 minutes with no one behind the bar. When the fellow arrived, he was nice, but no apology. I recall poor service here before, it seems the bar service is secondary to the restaurant.. The bad service shouldn’t dissuade a visit, just expect you might have to wait a bit.. 



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